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    Welcome to Wuxi Hengyi Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.!
    Molecular distillation, thin film evaporator, short-path still
    Release Time:2019-12-25
    From the description of the distillation process, attention should be paid to "specific pressure …
    Release Time:2019-12-13
    The thin-film evaporator is also a kind of high-efficiency conductive concentration equipment. It…
    Release Time:2019-12-04
    The molecular distillation experimental device is equipped with multiple temperature measuring po…
    Release Time:2019-11-27
    Short path distiller is a special liquid-liquid separation technology, which is different from tr…
    Release Time:2019-11-14
    Thin-film evaporator is a type of evaporator. It is characterized by the material liquid flowing …
    Release Time:2019-10-25
    The distillation efficiency of the short path distiller is a very important performance. On the o…
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    Product List
    MVR evaporation
    Multi-effect evaporator
    Multi-effect evaporator for wastewater treatment
    Short path distiller
    Scraper thin film evaporator
    Film short-range complete set
    Customer Service Center
    Address: No. 8-4, Jingrui Road, Xibei Town, Wuxi City
    Sales Hotline: +86 510 8871 7367
    Tel: 0510-88717367 88717665
    Fax: 0510-88717665
    E-mail: wxhengyi@163.com
    Website: www.curtidasinstagram.com

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