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    Welcome to Wuxi Hengyi Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.!
    Molecular distillation, thin film evaporator, short-path still
    product technologies
    Film short-range complete set

    As a professional manufacturer of evaporation and distillation equipment, it is our company's specialty to provide customers with complete sets of evaporation and distillation equipment. According to the characteristics of the material and the requirements of the product, we can reasonably select the evaporation form and peripheral configuration equipment that match the material to satisfy users Demand is our aim.

    Our company's complete sets of equipment are:

    1. Complete system of individual scraper evaporator.

    • Single-stage wiper system

    2. Complete system of single short path distiller.  

    3. 升降膜蒸發器與刮板蒸發器相配的成套系統。

    4. A complete system of scraper evaporator and short path distiller.

    5. A complete set of multi-stage evaporation and distillation system according to user requirements.

    • Three-level small test complete set

    • Fish oil refined set device

    • Imported discharge pump

    • Central control system

    • Equipment being processed

    • Digital display vacuum gauge

    • Thermal stress resistant bellows

    • Frequency

    • High vacuum ball valve

    • Solenoid valve of automatic control system

    • Molecular Distillation for Laboratory

    • Single-stage molecular distillation system

    • Quick opening high vacuum storage tank

    • Running system
    Product List
    MVR evaporation
    Multi-effect evaporator
    Multi-effect evaporator for wastewater treatment
    Short path distiller
    Scraper thin film evaporator
    Film short-range complete set
    Customer Service Center
    Address: No. 8-4, Jingrui Road, Xibei Town, Wuxi City
    Sales Hotline: +86 510 8871 7367
    Tel: 0510-88717367 88717665
    Fax: 0510-88717665
    E-mail: wxhengyi@163.com
    Website: www.curtidasinstagram.com

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