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    Welcome to Wuxi Hengyi Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.!
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    product technologies
    Scraper thin film evaporator

    Features of scraped film evaporator:

    1. Vacuum resistance drop is small:

    Due to its unique evaporation form, the processed material only forms a film on the evaporation surface and does not accumulate on the evaporation surface. Therefore, there is no liquid column static pressure in other evaporation forms to offset the vacuum problem (the vacuum in other evaporation forms is only Reflects the vacuum degree of the main body surface of the liquid phase in the system), the vacuum degree displayed by the system is the vacuum degree of material evaporation.

    2. High evaporation intensity:

    The increase in vacuum reduces the boiling point of the processed material, increases the driving force of the temperature difference between the hot and cold media, the forced action of the scraper makes the liquid film turbulent and becomes thinner, and the self-cleaning effect of the scraper inhibits heating The formation of the scale layer on the surface increases the heat transfer coefficient and improves the evaporation intensity.

    3. Short heating time:

    Because the scraper evaporator is a special falling film evaporator, the residence time of the material on the heating surface is very short, about 10-60 seconds (different depending on the specifications), and is especially suitable for processing heat-sensitive materials.

    4. Flexible operation:

    The amount of material entering the evaporator per unit time determines the thickness of the liquid film formed on the heating surface. Since the liquid film of the scraper evaporator is forced to form by the scraper, the feed amount can be adjusted within a wide range.

    The structure of the scraped film evaporator:

    Different types of scrapers are used for materials of different properties. The scraper evaporator produced by our company mainly has four types of scrapers.

    1. Centrifugal movable scraper:

    This type of evaporator is cheaper than other scraper evaporators, so it is widely used; it is suitable for low-viscosity materials.

    2. Hinge movable scraper:

    This type of evaporator is slightly more expensive than the centrifugal movable type.

    3. Rolling roller scraper:

    This type of evaporator is especially suitable for occasions with GMP requirements or extremely high requirements for cleanliness. The contact between the scraper and the heating surface is rolling instead of sliding, and the scraper has almost no wear.

    4. Fixed rigid scraper:

    This evaporator is suitable for materials with particularly high viscosity, and the cost is also in the scraper evaporator.

    The evaporation capacity of the evaporator:

    Scraped film evaporator is one of the evaporation capacity of all evaporators. Under standard conditions (heating medium is steam, feed is 100% water, and the system is vacuum), the evaporation capacity is about 100kg/m2.hr.

    Model and specification of scraper evaporator:

    Model Heating area (M2) Equipment height (mm) Inner diameter of equipment (mm) Weight (kg)
    WFE-0.06 0.06 1000 ¢70 70
    WFE-0.1 0.1 1200 ¢80 95
    WFE-0.2 0.2 1380 ¢100 130
    WFE-0.5 0.5 2750 ¢265 420
    WFE-1.0 1.0 3350 ¢300 650
    WFE-2.0 2.0 4320 ¢400 850
    WFE-3.0 3.0 5100 ¢400 1400
    WFE-4.0 4.0 5600 ¢500 1980
    WFE-6.0 6.0 6500 ¢600 2780
    WFE-8.0 8.0 7230 ¢700 3250
    WFE-10 10 7350 ¢900 3750
    WFE-12 12 7800 ¢1100 4300
    WFE-15 15 8500 ¢1100 5000
    WFE-20 20 10650 ¢1200 7500
    WFE-24 24 11250 ¢1400 8600
    WFE-30 30 12500 ¢1500 12000
    WFE-40 40 15000 ¢1700 17000
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    Scraper thin film evaporator
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