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    Welcome to Wuxi Hengyi Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.!
    Molecular distillation, thin film evaporator, short-path still
    product technologies
    Short path distiller

    Molecular distillation uses the difference in molecular free path when light recombination molecules in the liquid phase escape from the main body of the liquid phase to achieve separation. The basic condition for molecular distillation is: the molecular free path of light component molecules escaping is equal to the distance between the heating surface and the condensing surface, which can correctly reach the built-in condenser to achieve trapping, while the molecular free path of escaping recombinant molecules is required It is smaller than the distance between the heating surface and the condensation surface, so that it will not reach the built-in condenser, that is, the built-in condenser only captures molecules of light components, and realizes the separation of light components.

    The short-path distiller is designed according to the principle of molecular distillation. It is a model that simulates molecular distillation. Because the heating surface and the cooling surface are very close and the resistance is small, it is called the short-path distiller. Due to the function of the built-in condenser, the vaporized vapor phase can be instantly liquefied and the volume is reduced, so the high vacuum inside the equipment can be maintained. The operating vacuum of the short-path distiller can reach 0.1Pa (absolute pressure), which cannot be achieved by other evaporation and distillation equipment. Therefore, the short-path distiller is especially suitable for materials that have high boiling points under normal pressure and are difficult to separate by ordinary separation methods. A new type of liquid-liquid separation equipment has been successfully experienced in many industries. According to the different characteristics of the material, there are also various types of scraper. The principle is similar to that of the scraper evaporator.

    The processing capacity of the short-path still:

    Since the short-path distiller is generally used to process materials with high boiling points, the viscosity is usually high, and it is usually heated with heat transfer oil, so the separation capacity is also small. Depending on the material, the separation capacity is 30-70kg/m2.hr .

    Our company has specially set up a small test device for short-range distillation, scraper and short-range combination, as a pre-sale service for customers to test, so that customers have a perceptual understanding of short-range distillation, and provide help for customers in the selection of short-range.

    Models and specifications of short path distiller:

    Specification Heating area (M2) Equipment height (mm) Equipment inner diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
    SPD-6 0.06M2 1000 ¢100 80
    SPD-10 0.1M2 1100 ¢125 105
    SPD-30 0.3M2 1750 ¢210 270
    SPD-50 0.5M2 2100 ¢300 480
    SPD-100 1M2 3250 ¢350 760
    SPD-150 1.5M2 3400 ¢400 900
    SPD-200 2M2 3500 ¢500 980
    SPD-300 3M2 4800 ¢600 1500
    SPD-400 4M2 5500 ¢700 2250
    SPD-600 6M2 5800 ¢900 3350
    SPD-800 8M2 6800 ¢1000 4250
    SPD-1000 10M2 7100 ¢1100 4750
    SPD-1500 15M2 7600 ¢1200 5800
    SPD-2000 20M2 8300 ¢1500 7200
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    Short path distiller
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