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    Welcome to Wuxi Hengyi Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.!
    Molecular distillation, thin film evaporator, short-path still
    product technologies
    Multi-effect evaporator

    A multi-effect evaporator is a combination of multiple single-effect evaporators to form an evaporation system, called a multi-effect evaporator, which can be divided into co-current, counter-current and parallel-flow types according to different connection forms. The characteristic of multi-effect evaporation is to use the secondary steam generated by the former effect to drive the latter-effect evaporator to save energy consumption. Usually there are double-effect, triple-effect or even more-effect evaporation systems, but the more stages there are, the more control points will be, and the lower the driving force of temperature difference at each stage will be. The specific situation depends on the actual feasibility.

    In terms of use, multi-effect evaporators can be divided into ordinary multi-effect evaporation systems and forced circulation multi-effect evaporators. Forced circulation evaporators use multiple external circulation evaporators and add external circulation pumps to increase materials. The flow rate in the evaporation tube improves the heat transfer effect and increases the evaporation intensity. The forced circulation evaporator can be used in the occasions where there is crystallization during the evaporation process and the material is not heat sensitive.

    Our company can tailor-made according to the needs of customers, starting from reality, and designing a double-effect, three-effect, four-effect or more efficient evaporation system.

    Product List
    MVR evaporation
    Multi-effect evaporator
    Multi-effect evaporator for wastewater treatment
    Short path distiller
    Scraper thin film evaporator
    Film short-range complete set
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